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JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Accounting Assistant / Accounting Data Specialist

AIDS Outreach Center

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Accounting Assistant / Accounting Data Specialist


AOC is a leading organization providing prevention programs and care services to people living with HIV.  We are seeking an individual who is self-motivated, highly organized and enjoys working with people who are passionate about their work.

Position Description:

This position is an accounting assistant working in the finance/payroll and human resource department.  The position will assist with the daily bookkeeping and accounting functions, as directed.  Some human resources data will be maintained by this position.  The position will also assist in the development and processing of electronic data systems in accounting and human resources, as directed.

Job Responsibilities:

Primary responsibilities include processing all accounts payable for the agency; ensuring that all coding is correct and all approval procedures are followed.  Accounts payable includes program assistance checks, which is a relatively high volume.  This position is responsible for tracking the daily cash balances for all of the agency’s bank accounts and reporting.  The position is responsible for collecting all receipts for deposit, preparing deposit summaries, making actual bank deposits utilizing the remote deposit system, but also may require transportation to the agency’s bank, ensures the coding of all receipts are correct, makes entries into the accounting system for deposits

This position is responsible for the collection of payroll timesheets and approval verification.  Responsibilities include the annual preparation and submission of vendor 1099s and assisting with the circulation and submission of the agency’s W2s.  There is also some verification of payroll deductions and benefits, as a means to verify benefit billings and confirm payroll accuracy.  There will be some personnel file maintenance support, which includes an annual audit of file contents.  Monthly reporting of staff PTO balances is provided by this position.

The position coordinates monthly billing delivery to agency grantors, which requires some local transportation.  The position serves as administrative liaison with the agency’s bank.  This position provides administrative support to the accounting contractors for periodic audits from outside accounting firms or government granting authorities.

The position will be responsible for assisting in the implementation of new automated systems HR and accounting support system, and will be responsible for ongoing processing and data management.

Minimum Requirements:

A college degree is required, 2 years full-charge bookkeeping experience, proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and electronic accounting systems, understanding of electronic data processing, proven capability in learning new technology, excellent written and verbal communication skills, ability to use Outlook for email communication, valid driver’s license and proof of auto insurance, ongoing good driving record, ability to work under deadlines and time constraints, good organizational and interpersonal skills and the ability to handle crisis/emergency situations.

Please send resumes to  No telephone calls please.