“I Feel Like I’m Making A Difference - Because I Am!”

Recently, AOC’s Director of Development, Tyler, caught up with Mike McKay. Mike worked for AOC for several years, including serving as its Executive Director, and made the decision to add AOC to his will a few weeks ago. Mike told Tyler about why AOC matters to him and how a small decision today can have a huge impact tomorrow.


 Tyler: Why did you decide to include AOC in your will?

Mike: I have had many friends die of AIDS. I remember going to one or two funerals per month in the 80s and 90s. I was chaplain at Methodist Hospital in 1995-96 for AIDS patients. I’ve had many experiences with people newly infected and in the final stages.

I know AOC’s work. I think there is a limited legacy that I can have because I’m not a bazillionaire, but leaving AOC in my will is an easy way to make a gift that is important to them and important to me.

Tyler: Was it easy to do?

Mike: Yes, I drew up a simple will and had my lawyer look at it. I gave her the organization name and address and told her what percentage I would like to leave. I can rest assured that whatever happens tomorrow or in several years, it will help the organization stay funded.

It can be as simple as stating a percentage or dollar amount you want to leave.

Tyler: How does adding AOC to your will make you feel?

Mike: I feel really good about it. I’m doing a little bit after I’m gone. I like to think that as much as I enjoyed working there and learning from AOC and all the things we did, this is an opportunity to, in a small way, say “good work and keep it up!”

I feel like I’m making a difference - because I am.

If you would be interested in adding AOC to your will and need help, please call Tyler at (817) 916-5210 or email him at tylerm@aoc.org. He will help you find an attorney who can assist you. If you have already added AOC to your will, please let us know so we can acknowledge your commitment and make sure we honor your gift appropriately when it comes.