Annette’s Story

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“AOC [is] a blessing. People care about our struggles and [are] always there in times of need. [You] have helped me and I am appreciative!”

“When my daughter’s father was diagnosed [with HIV] in 1987, we all had to be tested…we were all positive. It was a scary time as a family and [for me] as a mother.”

Sadly, testing positive for HIV was only the beginning of what would become a series of unthinkable and heartbreaking events. For Annette, tragedy struck not once, but twice in the coming years…

“I lost my daughter’s father when she was 2 years old…and when my daughter was 9, her long, hard, brave battle came to an end.”

It’s impossible to imagine the loss of a child. It’s an experience that no parent should be forced to endure, yet it’s something that we all know happened in the early days of the AIDS crisis.

Today’ Annette’s story serves as a reminder of a time before we had the knowledge and treatments available to effectively care for people living with HIV. She is also a reminder of how important AOC is to over 1,600 of our friends and neighbors living with HIV.

We have come so far in the fight against HIV, but we must remain as steadfast and dedicated today as we have ever been. Treating HIV requires daily medication for the client’s life and barriers to care can arise at any time. With AOC, clients can overcome those barriers and live fulfilling lives.