Just Stay Home on August 16th.  

HIV is no party so we’re not having one.

It's a "non-event" you won't forget! 

On Friday, August 16, take a stand against HIV from the comfort of your own home! 

No tuxes, no fancy dresses, no pesky valet parking fees! 

All we ask is for you to donate to AIDS Outreach Center! Just sit back, relax, and help create a healthier community through your generous support.

Yeah but, I like fancy parties.

Who doesn’t like parties? That is not the issue here. The point is all of the funding that would be used for throwing an extravagant party will go directly to making a positive impact in our communities!

Got it. no party. So, how can I help?

Step 1: Donate to AIDS Outreach Center. Parties cost money, and remember, we’re not having one.

$25 – Instead of paying for valet, provide an hour of counseling services.

$50 – Skip the hair appointment and provide a week’s worth of meals.

$100 – Forget those costly formal wear alterations and provide three months of transportation assistance.

$250 – Because there a no tickets, you can make a real impact by providing three months of medical co-pays!

Click on the “Donate Now” button below and make difference with a contribution.

Step 2: Stay home and do whatever you want -- all the while making a difference in the lives of our neighbors with or at-risk for HIV!