Meet Dr. Paul Geisel


AOC is a lifeline enabling those with HIV to live with dignity. This is why I give what I can regularly.”

Paul has supported AIDS Outreach Center (AOC) for more than a decade. He remembers the early days of the AIDS epidemic and the urgency placed on helping those affected. In the years since, he has seen the landscape change in his community.

“Through the years, the issues associated with HIV have changed. A few years ago, there were several agencies addressing the need. Today, only AOC remains as a service agency for people with HIV [in the Tarrant County area].”

AOC’s services are diverse and flexible in order to meet the unique needs of clients. Paul appreciates AOC’s ability to quickly adapt. As Chair of the Programs Committee, he is proud to lead the research into community needs.

“[AOC] is critical for the afflicted population and [it is] a lone voice to help in the battle to eliminate the disease. The vulnerable populations today are poor, non-white, and young. The services for housing, counseling, dental care, life skills, nutrition and food are so needed for quality of life.”

Paul hopes that more people will recognize that the stigma and threat of HIV are still prominent. With supporters like Paul, and you, we can bring an end to HIV in our community.