Meet Hayne Shumate

In the 80’s and early 90’s, HIV/AIDS touched every corner of the United States. The devastating effects could be seen on the nightly news and in the lives of friends and neighbors. Many Texans who contracted HIV/AIDS felt they had two choices: stay in Texas and die or leave the state to find help. For people like Hayne and Katie Shumate, it was a choice that Texans living with HIV should never have had to make.

“It hurts me as a Texan that people had to leave this state. I want Texas to be able to retain the people that I care about and for everybody to know that HIV can be managed. People should be able to stay where their friends and family are.”

While stories of HIV/AIDS in the 80s and 90s are, unfortunately, all too common, Hayne and Katie’s response was very much uncommon. For years, they trained for and participated in fundraising bike rides across Texas and the United States.

“I get chills thinking about those rides. It was such an emotional and physical thing to make your body do that for the people that you love. It still tears me up. I probably have more of an emotional connection with your organization than any other that I’ve worked with because of those rides.”

Despite the numb toes and fingers that come with years of riding hundreds and hundreds of miles, Katie and Hayne would ride in a North Texas AIDS ride in a heartbeat. Since the ride was discontinued, they have stayed involved with AOC by making recurring donations and attending fundraising events for the organization.

“Our daughter is off to college and we are able to be more active in the community and make larger commitments to the organizations we care about.” When asked why he gives monthly, Hayne pragmatically responded, “We figure you need the money every month!”

AOC owes so much of its success to people like Katie and Hayne. When people like you join people like Katie and Hayne, there is nothing we can’t do. Please consider joining the Circle of Hope as a recurring donor today!

Hayne & Sally.png

Pictured: Hayne and his mother, Sally, after a century ride (100+ miles) on her 60th birthday.

“My view is that people who had to move away would not have had to do so if the resources that AOC provides today had been available then.”